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Spending 25+ years in the Manufacturing Industry, with the emergence of technology and human resource there felt a need for a well developed system to record and maintain field data.

To monitor them, to motivate them, to guide them; it was always required to have the complete data of their work area also something which can keep a study on it and at the same time not feel of spying. Sales Support App helps the sales team to report from the place of visit which triggers and expedites the process work flow. It helps in taking decisions in much faster rates as the conventional methods.

Sales figures are generated automatically by the App and sent via email to the decision makers.

Being a startup business with greater ideas and enthusiastic team we at S Cube willingly support our clients with fantastic products and services to use for your business functioning.

S Cube provides various IT Professional Services with Reliable Support and a Solid Contract. We can provide you with other IT products for your industry, with includes Visitor Management System, Sales Support System, Production Management System, Customized ERP.

We at S Cube have our in-house creative team which assists our clients to showcase and merchandise your brand to the next level, enhancing your teams' spirit and motivating them to perform to the fullest.


Improve Sales Productivity

With ease in managing and scheduling meetings the sales team can be in an always motivated stage thus improvising sales productivity.

Instant Order Processing

Quotations and Order Booking can be done with the Sales App resulting faster order execution. Complains of the customer can also be addressed easily.

Sales Performance Reports

Weekly and Monthly Sales Reports will assist Management to take required decisions at appropriate times.

Cost Saving

Eliminates printing cost as Quotations are digitally produced and sent via E-mails. Also, Company Catalogues can also be saved enabling for a Paperless Marketing House.

Unique Features

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Distinctive design making your mobile application a style statement for your business is our key area to support you.

Corporate Branding

Promoting your brand statement with your beautiful App.

Customizable MIS Reports

MIS reports supporting the growth of the organization can be easily generated.

Any Time Support

A fully dedicated team to support all your queries.

Real time Sales Management

GPS location tracking can easily be done.

What we Offer?

Dedicated Admin Panel

A devoted admin panel for support of your App will be generated. This will be Cloud based and can be accessed by multi-users as per your requirement.

The Admin Panel will consist of Dashboard, Views of the Entries, Details of Sales Team, Customer Database, and Product Database, Role Management and Access Permission and Utilities like Maps, which can be used to track location of your Sales Person.


In real-world terms, "dashboard" is another name for "progress report" or "report." Dashboard showcases a summary of your Application. It is highly customizable and can represent the Company as a brand.

A graphical representation of Monthly targets against Achieved targets, Sales figures, Updates of Order Booking, Sales Person active, Complaints raised, and many more details.

Report View

A report is any informational made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a widely presentable form.

All the reports of your sales team entries can be viewed in a tabular format. The reports includes Outdoor Entries made by sales team, Daily Expenses of the sales team, Quotation sent, Order Booking made, Complaint Registered, Product queries. The reports are downloadable in excel format and a detail of the entry can also be viewed.

All the reports can be filtered in the Report viewing page by sales person and dates and this filtered report can be downloaded giving it more ease for operation.


A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. A database management system is important because it manages data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple tasks with ease. A database management system stores, organizes and manages a large amount of information within a single software application.

A database will be automatically generated for Individual Sales Person, Client Base and Product Usage. This will help you to maintain proper track of Sales and Marketing engagement with Clients, and Inventory and Sales study. A regular study of the same will help to encounter majority of field troubles and can help keeping your team highly motivated.

Other Utilities and App Management

This Application also provides a real time geographical location of the individual sales member in the map. It is configured with the GPS settings of the hand piece carried by the person making it more convenient and your reports generated by their entries more reliable.

The reports of your specified period will be sent to an E-mail ID sent as requested to you. The same can be changed as per your requirement by you in any given point of time.

You are free to assign number of users and can assign any role which may include eg. Like Database management - for which you will only give that person the access to Database, thus making it more convenient for the person and getting the reports from the App page and then follow up with Sales team for incomplete entries.

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Price List

Basic Plan

One time setup 20,000*
250 / per user

  • Upto 10 users
  • 1 GB Space
  • Telephonic Assistance
  • Android Support
  • No API Integration
  • Secured Cloud Server
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Premium Plan

One time setup 30,000*
250 / per user

  • Upto 50 Users
  • 5 GB Space
  • Telephonic and Remort Assistance
  • Android and iOS Support
  • No API Integration
  • Secured Cloud Server
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Enterprise Plan

One time setup 50,000*
250 / per user

  • Upto 100 Users
  • 10 GB Space
  • Complete Assistance
  • Android and iOS Support
  • API Integration
  • Your Cloud Server
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General FAQ

Some generally asked queries.

Sales Support App is an Android or IOS based Application which can be used by your sales team to send Reports and other Sales related records to the desired person.

No. There’s no infrastructure or software to buy, set up, or manage. Any company of any size with virtually any budget can choose the package with the tools it needs to start building custom cloud applications that immediately help accelerate every area of the business.

S Cube provides you flexibility, customization and service support in reasonable rates.

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